Pepa Curriu has participated in the eighth edition of Printmaking and Art On Paper International Fair, at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao from November 14th to 17th. FIG Bilbao keeps its own personality. Its exclusive focus on the Art on Paper provides a unique character in Spain and Europe.

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About artists, exhibitions and the Summer Collective

During the months of June and July, Pepa Curriu’s paintings have been exhibited at the Raw Space (Vero Beach, Florida)  as part of the “”Summer Show” organized by Artconceptalternative. This exhibition closes the first semester of the year awaiting new exhibitions in Pennsylvania and Bilbao, scheduled for autumn.

Since the international projection of her work began, the Catalan artist has continued to create and produce an heterogeneous pictorial work. It is not just about adding new works but also expanding the artistic creation, continuously exploring new techniques, themes, colors, materials … An expansion and evolution of creativity that is reflected in her pictorial work that has been placed in the international contemporary art panorama.

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During the months of February and March 2019 a sample of the work of the contemporary artist Pepa Curriu has been present in the collective exhibition that took place in the Raw Space of Vero Beach (Miami). The exhibition was an eclectic and varied exhibition of styles and disciplines in which international artists of diverse origins also took part. The Barcelona’s artist’s paintings have been the representatives of Catalan contemporary art in this exhibition, organized by Art Concept Alternative.

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Women by Women

From December 14, 2018 to January 29, 2019, Pepa Curriu has participated in the collective exhibition Women by Women, which took place at the RAW SPACE, an exhibition space in Vero Beach, Florida.

During these two months, 43 women artists have shown their creations in a successful multidisciplinary exhibition, energized through multiple activities, conferences and cultural workshops around the reality of women and art.

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PINTA MIAMI from 5-9 december 2018

Miami is from the 5th to the 9th of December the world capital of contemporary art as it is the headquarters of the prestigious ARTBASEL Miami, the American edition of ART BASEL, the most important contemporary art fair in the field of artistic creation worldwide The city becomes the epicenter of the plastic arts, receives the visit of the most prestigious collectors, creators and lovers of art and is filled with other art fairs and cultural events.

PINTA MIAMI is already a consolidated and renowned art fair, which this year celebrates its 12th edition, and which hosts 60 American and European galleries and 300 artists. Pepa Curriu takes part in this event, and presents his work Landscape, a triptych of remarkable dimensions, in which the color and the line are absolute protagonists.

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BIFAS, Boston

And again, Boston. In October 2018, Pepa Curriu has participated, for the second consecutive year, in what has been the 22nd Boston International Fine Art Show. This art fair has become a highly anticipated event in each edition by experts in art, galleries, critics and collectors, in one of the most important cultural capitals of the American continent.

Within the framework of this event, numerous conferences and events are organized, with the presence of specialists and professionals from the artistic sector. As a novelty of this edition, BIFAS has collaborated with the ART FOR JUSTICE FOUNDATION foundation, which promotes art as a tool for change and social improvement.

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Canvas Gallery

Between the 9th of September and October 25th 2018, Pepa Curriu took part in the collective exhibition Previa Art Basel, at Canvas Miami Gallery. The exhibition has featured a sample of the work of this artist from Barcelona, together with other contemporary European and American painters. A sample of contemporary art that signals the beginning of events and exhibitions around one of the most prestigious contemporary art international fairs: Art Basel Miami to be held in this city next December.

Here is a link to Canvas post on Facebook. Thank you Canvas Miami Gallery!

Canvas Miami Gallery and Pepa Curriu

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From May 17th to 20th, 2018, Pepa Curriu participates in the JUSTLX Contemporary Art Fair, in Lisbon, Portugal. This is an emerging contemporary art fair, which you can visit at the Museu da Carris and which is organized by Art Fair, a Spanish company responsible for the succesful JUSTMAD (Madrid), JUSTMADMIA (Miami, USA) and SUMMA (Madrid).

As the organization itself stands out, the fair has a marked international character, fresh and young. A new model of fair adapted to the new demands of an emerging collector.

During the month of May, Lisbon turns into the key centre of European contemporary art, since at the same time the prestigious ARCOlisboa18 fair can be visited in the Portuguese capital, and other numerous events in the field of art and artistic creation in this dynamic and cosmopolitan city that attracts visitors and art lovers from around the world.

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VERO BEACH, Florida: The Plate

Pepa Curriu has just participated in the collaborative exhibition  “THE PLATE”  at Raw Space, Vero Beach, Florida (USA). It’s an event created to benefit “Childcare Resources”, that took place from november 3rd to december 15th, 2017 . The peculiarity of this painting exhibition is that the works are painted on plates.

As the organisation says: “The plate, that household utensil common to all cultures, has turned into a collectible item present in the best museums in the world. The plate represents availability for service to others and ability to give”.

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BOSTON: 21st Annual Fine Art Show

Pepa Curriu was selected to exhibit her work, at the 21st Boston International Fine Art Show. This is one of the premier events in the world of art and collecting, which exhibits selected artists and galleries from all continents.

This event took place from the 19th to the 22nd October in the Cyclorama Center for the Arts, a center for the dissemination and artistic creation, which is located in the emblematic Cyclorama building in downtown Boston, a leading city in the cultural and artisitic field.

Pepa Curriu has participated in this prestigious event with a sample of the heterogeneity of her work, both in terms of the technique used, the subject, the work and the size. Her reception and critics have been excellent in the first year of participation in this International Art Fair.

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